My first birth began with my water breaking and ended 36 hours later with a c-section. I knew from the moment we decided a c-section was best that I wanted to go for a VBAC for my next birth. Three and a half years later I got that opportunity. After a lot of research, my … More My VBAC!

One in Heaven

When I was first pregnant with our first child I went in to the OBGYN for my first appointment. I was having some spotting so they did an ultrasound and saw-to my surprise- two babies. I remember thinking that they had made a mistake and that it was just gas bubbles or something. That was … More One in Heaven


Hannah cried out to God. Her barrenness was her suffering.  Provoked to despair, her tears fell at her husbands feet. Her cross to bear was her closed womb. Bitterly weeping, she comes to the temple of the Lord. Spirit troubled, she pours out her soul before the Lord. Trusting in Him at all times, God … More Wilderness

I will never forget

I will never forget the ultrasound where they couldn’t find the heartbeat. It was my first pregnancy. I told my husband, not to worry about coming to the doctor appointment, it was a routine 12-week check-up. We’d already heard the heartbeat at eight weeks with an early ultrasound. I never dreamed in a million years … More I will never forget

Ezra (3 of 3)

By the time we were expecting our 3rd baby Ezra, we had decided to have a home birth. I had erratic contractions that were not too painful for 2 days and finally by the 2nd day around 5 am I woke up DH because the contractions were regular, and increasing in intensity. DH called our midwife and she came over with her … More Ezra (3 of 3)