Jezrahiah (2 of 3)

My second born Jezrahiah was quite different. I was stepping in the shower and I felt something go POP! and a trickle of water came down and I KNEW it was time. I went to our room I woke up DH and told him my water broke. He called the midwife while I went to take a shower. 

After I showered I went to bed to sleep and relax because I didn’t know how long I would be in labor for. While I was resting DH was getting things in the car and making phone calls. I tried to go to sleep but within an hour the contractions were increasingly intense and they began to grow closer and closer together at that point I called DH to the room because I felt like I needed his help through the contractions. DH helped me stand up so I can labor in another bedroom because Addai was sleeping in that room.

When I stood up I felt a rush of hormones surge through my whole body and intense contractions. I started shaking, getting cold and the contractions felt like they were drowning me but I did manage to stay above “the wave” of the contraction. At that point I told DH to just take me to hospital. We were driving away from our house and for whatever reason DH decided to take the bumpiest road out of our neighborhood, lol. Then he remembered that he forgot his wallet and mines which had our insurance card. So back up the bumpy road we went. I had told DH to go through another road and in the heat of the moment I guess DH forgot and took the same bumpy road, lol.

Every time we went over a bump I would get a contraction. When we got to the hospital I was being wheeled in because I couldn’t walk and DH remembered that he forgot the camera in the car. So while the nurses were checking my vitals and my dilation he ran to go get it in the car. When the nurse checked me and told me I was 9 CM I said out loud, “Thank you Jesus!” lol. DH had just walked in and I told him I was 9 CM and he was surprised, excited and shocked. It think it was such a pleasant surprise cause we were expecting things to progress like our 1st birth. The nurses did not have time to move me to the birthing room and within 20-30 min our midwife arrived and I was ready to push.I remembered that although the contractions were painful when I began to push there was some relief. Within 20 min from the midwife arriving DH had also caught Jezrahiah when he was born.

7.9.12 006


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