Ezra (3 of 3)

By the time we were expecting our 3rd baby Ezra, we had decided to have a home birth. I had erratic contractions that were not too painful for 2 days and finally by the 2nd day around 5 am I woke up DH because the contractions were regular, and increasing in intensity. DH called our midwife and she came over with her assistant.

While they set up the birth pool I ate some scrambled eggs and paused during contractions. Though painful I was on top of them “riding the wave” of the contraction and was managing them well. All of the sudden I felt a surge of hormones and I knew I was about to go into transition so DH helped me stand up so I could go use the bathroom. The moment I stood up the contractions kicked into high gear and I started shaking, getting cold etc…

I tried to use the bathroom but felt the contractions were taking me under. The midwife suggested I get in the birth tub at that point. The moment I stepped into the tub I got immediate relief and I was able to get a handle of the contractions again. My midwife never checked my cervix or dilation during pregnancy and labor (its what we wanted because I did not want to be discouraged if I had not dilated enough yet). I started feeling pressure and and urge to push and at that point was when I gave my midwife permission to check. DH would rub my back or hold me up in the birth tub while I labored. It was about 30 min. from the time that my midwife checked me to Ezra being born.

DH caught Ezra and then I stayed in the birth tub with Ezra until his cord stopped pulsating. Once it stopped DH cut the cord and we moved to the bed. Then our 2 boys came into the room and were able to greet their new baby brother. After experiencing a home water birth Lord willing that is the route we will continue to take if the Lord wills to give us more children. 

april 16 2015 327


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