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 Cacey Malone began her journey to become a doula shortly after the the birth of her daughter. Her labor was 36 hours long that began with her water breaking and ended in c-section. The desire to learn more and help other women have great birth experiences drove her to learn more about childbirth and ultimately become a doula. With each birth her passion for helping women through childbirth grows. She is a Birth Arts International Certified Doula.

Call or text: (405) 496-3537

E-mail: birthexperiences@gmail.com


Mackenzie Hoffman began her journey to become a doula immediately following the birth of her oldest daughter. At 32 weeks of pregnancy she was diagnosed with preeclampsia, put on bed rest and ended with an emergency C-section at 34 weeks. Aspiring to increase her knowledge about how to have a great pregnancy and birth experience, she devoted much of her time studying the topic. Shortly thereafter, the opportunity arose to put everything she had learned into practice when she discovered that she was pregnant 3 months after the delivery of her first child. Her second pregnancy was wonderful and she was able to give birth at home, the result being a healthy momma and healthy baby. Mackenzie’s desire to help other women enjoy great birth experiences has pushed her to become a doula. She is currently pursuing certification through Birth Arts International.

Call or text: (405) 626-1797

E-mail: birthexperiences@gmail.com