Ezra (3 of 3)

By the time we were expecting our 3rd baby Ezra, we had decided to have a home birth. I had erratic contractions that were not too painful for 2 days and finally by the 2nd day around 5 am I woke up DH because the contractions were regular, and increasing in intensity. DH called our midwife and she came over with her … More Ezra (3 of 3)

Addai (1 of 3)

My first born Addai was born on August 3rd 2010. I was in labor 32 hours. Postpartum I reflected on his labor and birth and learned that I should have done several things differently. I woke up in the morning with slight cramps and realized I had passed my mucus plug when I used the bathroom. We figured that … More Addai (1 of 3)