What a Difference! (Part 2)

When our firstborn turned two, we decided to grow our family and became pregnant with our second. I used all that I learned with my first delivery to make decisions for our second and see what I could do to make this experience better. I was not happy with how our first baby’s birth turned out, but that was his story and he was healthy. We didn’t attend a birthing class this time, but I did watch The Business of Being Born, read a lot of books, and watched many episodes of the UK show, The Midwives. I was told not to watch TV shows about birth but this one showed a lot of natural births, which were very informative. I was determined to have a natural, unmedicated birth with a doula and midwife. I wanted to be fully aware of what was going on this time around and I wanted to have as few  interventions as possible.

I chose a midwife at OU and a local doula, who was recommended by a friend. Our midwife was awesome! She became a part of our journey, spent a lot of time with us, and was always willing to listen and answer our questions. I told her what I wanted with this birth, but that in the end all I really wanted was a healthy baby. If complications did arise, I would be okay with interventions if absolutely necessary. Our doula was also very informative and supportive throughout this journey.

 Our little girl was due to be born on January 13th. I was very nervous because I didn’t know how  all of this was supposed to work. After all, we “set the date” for our first birth and practically slept through the rest of it. I am a planner, so I was a little worried about how everything would come together.

  On January 13th, I was really restless. I just wanted to get out of the house. We had breakfast with our almost 3 year old and went shopping at several stores and came home to eat lunch. I wasn’t hungry for lunch, which I thought was odd because if you know me I’m always eating. I laid down because I started having contractions and I figured it was from all the walking we had done that morning. I text my doula and kept her informed on my progress. About 4:00pm we informed her that we were headed to the hospital. Contractions were 4 minutes apart for an hour at this point.

At the hospital, I was hooked up to IV antibiotics for strep B and a Hep lock IV (yay!). I drank bottled water and had a cookie but had to wait in triage until a room was ready. Once the antibiotics were finished, they were able to take the IV out. It amazing to not be hooked up to the IV or stuck in the bed. I did have fetal monitoring, but I was free to move around. The midwife on the floor said I was at 5cm and 80% effaced, which was nice to hear because my regular midwife hadn’t checked me at all. The midwife said she was going to check in on me every so often and let me labor on my own. My doula suggested I walk around, but that was painful and so I sat in the bed and breathed through the waves of contractions like I had been practicing. I told this midwife that my last labor went really quickly, so they should probably hurry up and get me a room!

About 7:45 I was finally given a room. When we got there the contractions had died down and we discussed getting in the tub, or using the birthing ball, and getting the “ambience” ready. The doula told my husband to get something to eat, but something told him to stay put. At 8:15 my waters broke and the contractions started coming much stronger now and my doula suggested I get on my hands and knees. I leaned over the back of the bed and informed the nurse that I needed to push. They had nothing ready and I freaked out the nurse a little! How many times did I tell them that my last labor was fast?

It was really hard for them to monitor the heartbeat with me in this position and asked that I moved to my back. I was not happy with this but complied and my doula helped me rotate my hips. When I felt her head I let my body take over. It was probably the worst pain I’ve ever felt, but so rewarding! Our little girl came into this world 20 minutes after my waters had broken. We found out that I had difficulty birthing her head because she came out with one hand up like superman! So, some stitching up was required (that seemed to take forever) and the recovery that came with that this time was so much easier and quicker. I thank the time they took and my antimicrobial silver for that!

I was coherent and able to talk with the nurses after and nurse our little girl right away. It was an amazing feeling because I do not remember doing this with our first (even though I am told that I did). She had her Daddy wrapped around his finger right away. Our doula congratulated us and said she would be back to see us once we were home and emailed me a detailed birth story. Our little girl came into this world so quickly (on her due date nonetheless!), but we couldn’t imagine life without her now!



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